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Julia Kelliher



Julia Kelliher is the founder of Skills For Change Coaching. SFC Coaching is a unique style of life coaching which helps us look at external limitations, political conditions, how we use power, and internalized beliefs in order to make change in our lives.

For twenty years, she has been helping clients, couples, families, and groups create more satisfying and powerful lives.

Her teachers include Beth Roy, Robert Hall, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Jack Kornfield, S.N. Goenka, & Gabrielle Roth.

Nancy Shanteau


phone: 530-273-5170

Nancy Shanteau helps people embody their values in their lives, work and relationships. She offers compassion and understanding to her students’ personal and professional development. Both pragmatic and visionary, Nancy helps people create thriving coaching and teaching practices in Skills for Change and Cooperative Communication. Nancy identifies as a white, multi-ethnic, pansexual, aromantic, solo polyamorous, relationship anarchist, non-binary woman settler living in unceded Nisenan territory. She is the lineage bearer for Skills for Change Coaching, founded by Julia Kelliher.

Nancy offers certifications in Skills for Change Coaching, Mediation and Bodywork as well as for Cooperative Communication Practitioners, Facilitators, and Trainers. She helps Coaches & Practitioners work with individuals, couples, families, children, friends, groups, teams, small business owners and organizations that want to implement embodied power analysis and the skills of Cooperative Communication. She offers self-paced online classes and coaching supervision by phone or videoconference.

A certified Skills for Change Coach and a certified Strozzi Institute Master Somatic Coach, Nancy studied Somatics and Trauma with Staci Haines and Denise Benson. She founded the Folkloom School in 2011. She sometimes teaches Cooperative Fusion Partner Dance classes in Grass Valley, CA and around Northern California.

Nancy is a major contributor to the book Access to Power: A Radical Approach for Changing Your Life. “This book provides a general theory of change, why and how we get stuck, and what we can do to make a shift. Through an exploration of common obstacles, we learn to recognize the truth about what is possible, identify the difference between our power and powerlessness, and make plans to achieve a positive future.” 

Nancy offers many online courses including Quiet Mind, Empowered Boundaries, Relationship Anarchy & Skills for Change, Managing Anxiety, and The Art of Planning. She launched the Skills for Changemakers Patreon community in 2017. You can also watch her YouTube videos.


Marybeth Paul



Marybeth has been working with ways of clarifying and improving communication for over 25 years. After a dozen years in sales and marketing she started her training in bodywork, verbal process and somatics. Her career as a Certified Massage Therapist began in 1993 after completing trainings with Touch for Health and Tom Hendrickson’s Orthopedic Massage Institute. She has provided massage therapy in chiropractic offices, corporate offices and in private practice, treating clients with acute and chronic pain.

Marybeth describes her work in her own words:

“My massage clients frequently confide in me regarding difficult situations they’re experiencing. I find it undeniable that the body holds memory; our muscles hold memory. In order to experience relief from some long-standing ailments, revising out-dated beliefs can be key. I witnessed my client’s lives becoming more satisfying as they applied concepts I shared with them from Skills For Change. With mentoring from my teacher, Julia Kelliher, it was a natural transition to begin coaching clients and leading Skills For Change Group Classes. The concepts in SFC are easy to duplicate and require a commitment to steadfast follow-through.

Since conflict is part of life, resolving conflict is essential to enjoying life. I was introduced to Skills For Change in 1997 as I deeply examined my life, mid-divorce, and in need of new single-parenting skills. The understanding I gained from that study has helped me navigate some of life’s most challenging situations. To my coaching clients I bring compassion, life experience, an open heart, and the belief that ANYTHING is possible. I invite you to join me in experiencing this richly rewarding work!”

Sarah Griscom


phone: 530-264-6282

“My belief is that when we meet ourselves with understanding and compassion then we free ourselves to show up more in our lives the way we want. And by addressing where we do have power as opposed to what is out of our control, we can step outside of the blame/shame spiral that can get us feeling quite stuck. “

Sarah was a stay at home mom with her 2 young boys, now 10 and 7. She felt like something was wrong, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what “it” was. She struggled with very low energy and had a very critical inner voice. She also felt extremely powerless, as the work she was doing was not given monetary value, which is one of the big ways we get a sense of worth in our culture. As an attempt to figure out the problem, she pointed the finger at herself, claiming that if only she were more motivated, clever and resourceful I wouldn’t be struggling so much. Her husband and boys were not safe from her judgmental and blaming thoughts. Some of her worst moments found her locked inside a closet to get away from the demands of her boys or collapsed and crying on the kitchen floor due to severe depletion and hopelessness. To say she was uncomfortable is an understatement.

Sarah started seeing Julia, who would quickly become her mentor. What she experienced in her office was a profound sense of relief and understanding. It was so significant that right away she realized that whatever she was “doing”, she wanted to learn and offer. Sarah wanted to offer that same feeling of understanding and compassion to every one she met. She persistently asked Julia to mentor her. And she did.

“Ever since I started working with Julia my life looks completely different from how it once did. But most importantly, I feel completely different in my life. I feel much more engaged, energized and resourceful. This is not to say that I’ve got it all figured out. From time to time, I still struggle with feelings of powerlessness or that nagging critical voice. But I now have tools that help me to understand what is happening for myself and how I can get outside support. Sharing these tools and helping others move at a place of greater self-compassion, connection and resourcefulness is my work. “

Sarah incorporates her background as a bodyworker and birth doula with her training in Radical Therapy and Skills For Change to provide a safe space to inspire self-compassion.

Molly Fisk


phone: 530-265-8751
pronouns: she/her/hers

Molly loves to help people become more deeply and truly themselves. She supports them to try out and follow long-held dreams, identify and change limiting behaviors and relationships, and move away from unsatisfying work — all in the service of designing the life they want to lead.

She teaches the Skills for Change tools that have helped her love her own life:

  • Recognizing systemic cultural forces that affect us all — sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, capitalism, etc. — and showing clients how to reduce those influences, identify realistic choices, and feel more powerful in their lives.
  • Understanding the rescue triangle and helping clients learn to navigate it to reduce their feelings of victimization and corresponding anger.
  • Starting clients on the lifelong road of asking for 100% of what they want, 100% of the time, and then negotiating.
  • Demystifying what clients are emotionally tangled up in and transforming it into something interesting and even fun.

Molly was once a banker, despite having complicated issues around money and racking up all kinds of credit card debt. Having sorted this out for herself (no more debt, less rebellion/ addictive behavior, much less $ anxiety), she now teaches a class based in Skills for Change called Financial Liberty. She’s also a publicly vocal survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Molly’s coaching is grounded in decades as an entrepreneur, a writer, and a teacher, and draws on her innate creativity and humor. She’s absorbed the Skills for Change principles during her 20-year friendship with Julia Kelliher and studied coaching with Nancy Shanteau since 2010. She’s a nationally known poet, former Poet Laureate of Nevada County, and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. The poet’s tools of close observation and intuitive thinking transfer directly to her work with clients, while the MBA supports the more pragmatic side of her coaching. She’s a graduate of Harvard and has won grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, the Academy of America Poets, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. She’s the author of three books of poetry and four collections of radio commentary.

Whether it’s building relationships, going through life transitions, managing finances, connecting with creative dreams, paring away layers of trauma history, or handling unexpected curve balls, Molly offers support to individuals, families, and couples for understanding and implementing compassionate, lasting change.

Molly lives on unceded Nisenan land in the Sierra foothills, where she works with clients on the phone, via Zoom, and in person. She’s happy to schedule a 20 minute conversation to see if working together would be a good fit.

Glenn Smith


phone: 530-478-0770

Glenn has a passion to help people get through their inner and outer judgment to see their true value, where they actually are, and the power they actually have to help themselves and help others.

“We all have the right to live fulfilling, meaningful and empowered lives, free of external and internal oppression.”

Glenn became involved in a predecessor to Skills For Change, Radical Therapy, in 1989 where he worked on communication skills in relationships and other issues in his freelance classical music career. With Julia Kelliher, his life partner and founder of Skills For Change Coaching, he attended Lomi School’s Lomi Somatic Education training in 1993. Together they trained in Radical Therapy in San Francisco from 1997 to 2001. Later, Glenn participated in two of Julia’s Skills For Change trainings as student and then student/assistant.

Since 1998, Glenn has led or co-led problem-solving groups and offers individual coaching sessions and conflict-resolution sessions for couples, friends and groups. Glenn has enjoyed a career as a professional musician since the 70’s and has maintained his bodywork practice, Solid Ground Bodywork, specializing in orthopedic massage since 1994. Glenn feels blessed to have the opportunity to work in these three mutually inspiring and very rewarding fields.


Laura Chamberlin


Phone: 530-559-3928

Laura brings a variety of talents to her work as a Skills for Change Coach. With careers in marketing, business development as well as 14 years as a practicing prenatal counselor, childbirth & lactation educate and doula. She has worked as a motivational speaker and trainer.

As a coach Laura guides seekers on the path to a better life offering acceptance, validation, support, and a fresh perspective to an old pattern that might just need an upgrade. Evolution of ourselves is individual and personal, as a client you will grow with skill and confidence.

“A friend recommended Laurie, and without even knowing what coaching was, I committed to 12 sessions. I learned so much, yet the change felt effortless and profound at the same time. My husband watched as I became more confident and the burdens of motherhood seem to lift and become more joyful.” – Stacy

Laura’s training style is effective as she gives useful, practical tips to navigate specific situations which are immediately applicable.

When we look at our conflict with the Skills for Change lens, we immediately have new understandings of old situations. With Laura’s guidance, fresh insights and the ability to make change comes from a place in ourselves that feels empowering.

Coaching with Laura is a process of self discovery mixed with a plan for change. You can bring a clear vision with a goal or you can bring frustration and confusion and together a new path will be cultivated.


  • Julia Kelliher, Founder Skills for Change
  • Nancy Shanteau, Owner Folkloom Coaching School
  • Beth Roy, Mediator, Author
  • Gayle Peterson, MSSW, LCSW, Ph.D, Author

Torin Lee


phone: (703) 625-6107

Torin Lee is a certified Skills for Change and Folkloom School coach. She brings almost 20 years of coaching, communication, training and business experience to the field. Torin is most passionate about helping people in navigate crisis and major life transitions. She helps those she partners with find their path forward.

A global citizen (she has lived in MI, CA, CO, Washington DC, Australia, other locales), she has worked with business leaders, couples, teenagers and women, motivating and inspiring people to create a passion-driven life.

Torin is the founder of Oneida Holistic Health Center ( and Executive Director of the newly launched Oneida Health Foundation (a 501c3 whose mission is to make holistic healthcare accessible for everyone).

Torin holds degrees in the field of political science/sociology and has studied psychology, coaching, leadership, sex therapy, organizational development, training, and is a Reiki Master.  She was trained by Nancy Shanteau in the Skills for Change Coaching and Folkloom School methodology.  She abides by the IFC Code of Ethics. Torin takes a holistic approach, looking at all areas of the client’s life including the body, mind and spirit.

In her leisure time, Torin enjoys travel, reading, hiking (most recently a trek through Nepal), Sailing, photography, volunteering and spending time with her partner, friends, family and soon-to-be friends.

Sara Russell


phone: 831-535-8080

Sara Russell is a certified Skills for Change Coach, Relationship Anarchist, and Revolutionary Witch who lives on unceded Ohlone land.

She helps people cultivate love and curiosity over dominance. She co-conspires with you to create security through self-trust and build a life of satisfaction.

Sara offers coaching and mediation to individuals, couples, family, friends, and groups, as well as workshops.

She starts with the assumption that you are good, sane, and responding to real challenges in your life while longing for something more.

She’ll give you actionable tools to help you claim your power, communicate cooperatively, and build community.

Sara will teach you how to radically love yourself, commit to your well-being, and revel in your fully-expressed human heart.

She helps make the invisible visible, unraveling status quo standards that create systems of oppression and instead illuminates pathways of choice and empowerment.

If you’ve struggled with the heart-break of wanting to change but not being able to sustain your good intentions through action, Sara can help.

Through practice and compassion we create sustainable embodied change.

David Stockhausen


phone: 415-602-2696

David Stockhausen Is a certified Skills For Change Coach, Mediator, and Bodyworker trained by Nancy Shanteau, and a student of David Zimmerman LMFT. He holds a B.S. in Human Development & Family Systems with honors from the University of Vermont. David studied and taught permaculture as a Certified Permaculture Instructor in California and Australia, both with the San Francisco Permaculture Guild and Geoff & Nadia Lawton at Zaytuna Farm. He’s started and run several small businesses as a professional chef and farm-based food educator—teaching students how to grow and prepare healthy food and create robust local food systems and relationships.

David runs a coaching practice in Santa Cruz, CA focused on nourishing healthy relationships. His work focuses on healing masculinity wounds, attachment & trauma recovery, conflict mediation, and cooperative communication. He also works with folx exploring plant-based healing, co-creating programs for psychedelic therapy integration and harm reduction. David is also in the process of gaining his Masters in Family Therapy (LMFT).

David works with all kinds of individuals, couples, groups, and families seeking healing and change. He works with organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, and teachers to shift mindset, build consciousness, and learn to forge cooperative working relationships. He practices inclusivity and works to share power with people outside of his intersections of privilege.

David’s journey as a white, queer-identifying man has led him through a life of compassionate service, radical activism, and learning. He’s dedicated to exploring and integrating his privilege in service and allyship. His relational history includes both normative relating as well as polyamory, cooperative divorce, and progressive coparenting. He is a dedicated father, surfer, songwriter, hiker, cook and hobbyist who identifies as a perennial student, activist, and artist, with a passion to nourish humans in relationship with others, themselves, and with nature itself.

David offers flexible commitment-based pricing for in person, phone, video, or text coaching.

Drop in rate starts at $150 per hour with email support.