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Thea Bieling

phone: (530) 264-6221

In our contemporary culture, it’s hard to catch a break from feelings of scarcity, powerlessness, and the belief that somehow we are never quite enough. And oftentimes, the small-but-mighty voice within us — our unique creative genius — becomes suppressed or undervalued. When we become heartbroken in this way, we lose track of our own needs, and of what’s important to us. Through conscious changes, it’s possible to redesign a life centered around our creative vision for ourselves.

Oftentimes, beginning this task is the hardest part. We must face our own internal truths, work through our grief, let go of life-draining beliefs, and accept where we need to let go of what’s beyond our control. That’s where I’m here to support you.

I help Heartbroken Creatives build resilience to cultivate radical change in their lives — opening up pathways towards their own desires, goals, and unique self-expression. Through power-informed analysis, somatic awareness, and embodiment practices, I support you on your journey to integrating skills geared towards change and personal transformation.

I love seeing the light of realization spark in my clients’ eyes, and being present for a moment of tender connection in a surfacing wound. Such instances can be pivotal and sacred. When we bring consciousness to our experience of change, we reinforce its implications. We mark it as a moment in time — a revelation — after which things are never the same. We grow into our own worthiness, strength, and all-too-often hidden potential.

The best way to get started is to schedule your 20-minute Free Discovery Call with me. I want to focus on building trust, and on making my clients feel safe and supported in whatever process they’re going through. Whether you seek 1:1 coaching, mediation, group work, bodywork, or somatic integration, I will remain a patient and visionary guide for you along your brave journey.

About Thea Bieling

I am a Certified Skills For Change coach, mediator, and bodyworker. I draw from a diverse range of tools and radical lineages about power, change, and somatic practices, and I speak from a place of deep, embodied experience. I have chosen this as my life path — which means, I practice the skills I teach in my own life every day.

In my own journey as a Heartbroken Creative, I’ve worked to observe my own patterns, keeping the ones I like, and letting go of what no longer serves me in order to design a life around my own values and creative vision. This journey has been slow at times and lightning-fast at others. The process of naming what makes me happy, and asking for 100% of what I want has been a pivotal precursor to creating change in my life. By following my intuition and noticing what comes up for me in my body, I’m able to create sustainable life-supporting habits.

I love working collaboratively and holding space for people. I’m curious and caring, and will help you identify patterns that can help you move toward future growth and conscious action. I will dream big and hold your vision alongside you, I will sit and listen when it’s needed, and I’ll help point out the hard truths if that’s what’s evading you.

In addition to working directly with my clients and facilitating groups, I am also designing a coaching certification program for aspiring coaches which blends spatial and somatic practices.