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The Work

Clarification of Purpose & Direction

Your practitioner will work with you to clarify your life visions and to define what steps lead toward those visions.  S/he will support you in taking these steps, as well as accepting limitations and discovering new possibilities.

This work requires a commitment.  During the first sessions we will design a “contract” that will define concrete goals and determine meeting times and ongoing practice.  One on one sessions, couple coaching and groups are all available, based on this design.

“Say, you have finally invented a new story of your life…it is a story that requires of you a large thrust into the difficult life, a sense of plenitude entirely your own.”

Lomi Somatic Therapy

Lomi School, founded over 25 years ago, pioneered the integration of western psychology and eastern spiritual disciplines.  Somatic derives its name from the Greek word “soma”, defining the body not as an entity separate from the mind, but as a unified expression of all we think, feel, perceive and express.

Using Lomi Somatic techniques of breath, touch, awareness, and movement, you and the practitioner will explore how the stories about yourself live in your body and limit what actions you are able to take in your life.  You will be encouraged to understand and move through the physical/emotional barriers to continued growth.

Radical Therapy

Radical Therapy is an alternative to traditional psychiatry and therapy.  Since the early 70’s, radical therapists have worked together developing a body of ideas and skills which stem from the belief that alienation, not mental illness, makes people feel bad and/or behave in destructive ways.  These skills help people to become more productive, loved, happy and powerful in the world.

Focusing on both the emotional and pragmatic details of your life, we will use Radical Therapy techniques for defining, confronting, and solving your personal problems.  This is a very concrete approach, taking into account the external circumstances that affect us as well as the ways we have internalized limitations.  Many topics may be addressed.  These include:

  • Power
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Social Structures
  • Finances/Budgets
  • Time Management
  • Spiritual Values