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Sarah Griscom

phone: 530-264-6282

“My belief is that when we meet ourselves with understanding and compassion then we free ourselves to show up more in our lives the way we want. And by addressing where we do have power as opposed to what is out of our control, we can step outside of the blame/shame spiral that can get us feeling quite stuck. “

Sarah was a stay at home mom with her 2 young boys, now 10 and 7. She felt like something was wrong, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what “it” was. She struggled with very low energy and had a very critical inner voice. She also felt extremely powerless, as the work she was doing was not given monetary value, which is one of the big ways we get a sense of worth in our culture. As an attempt to figure out the problem, she pointed the finger at herself, claiming that if only she were more motivated, clever and resourceful I wouldn’t be struggling so much. Her husband and boys were not safe from her judgmental and blaming thoughts. Some of her worst moments found her locked inside a closet to get away from the demands of her boys or collapsed and crying on the kitchen floor due to severe depletion and hopelessness. To say she was uncomfortable is an understatement.

Sarah started seeing Julia, who would quickly become her mentor. What she experienced in her office was a profound sense of relief and understanding. It was so significant that right away she realized that whatever she was “doing”, she wanted to learn and offer. Sarah wanted to offer that same feeling of understanding and compassion to every one she met. She persistently asked Julia to mentor her. And she did.

“Ever since I started working with Julia my life looks completely different from how it once did. But most importantly, I feel completely different in my life. I feel much more engaged, energized and resourceful. This is not to say that I’ve got it all figured out. From time to time, I still struggle with feelings of powerlessness or that nagging critical voice. But I now have tools that help me to understand what is happening for myself and how I can get outside support. Sharing these tools and helping others move at a place of greater self-compassion, connection and resourcefulness is my work. “

Sarah incorporates her background as a bodyworker and birth doula with her training in Radical Therapy and Skills For Change to provide a safe space to inspire self-compassion.