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Sara Russell

phone: 831-535-8080

Sara Russell is a certified Skills for Change Coach, Relationship Anarchist, and Revolutionary Witch who lives on unceded Ohlone land.

She helps people cultivate love and curiosity over dominance. She co-conspires with you to create security through self-trust and build a life of satisfaction.

Sara offers coaching and mediation to individuals, couples, family, friends, and groups, as well as workshops.

She starts with the assumption that you are good, sane, and responding to real challenges in your life while longing for something more.

She’ll give you actionable tools to help you claim your power, communicate cooperatively, and build community.

Sara will teach you how to radically love yourself, commit to your well-being, and revel in your fully-expressed human heart.

She helps make the invisible visible, unraveling status quo standards that create systems of oppression and instead illuminates pathways of choice and empowerment.

If you’ve struggled with the heart-break of wanting to change but not being able to sustain your good intentions through action, Sara can help.

Through practice and compassion we create sustainable embodied change.