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Lydia Margaret

phone: 831-419-8448

Lydia Margaret is a Skills for Change Coach trained by Nancy Shanteau. She also holds a Masters in American Studies with a focus on female representation in popular culture and brings over 20 years of training in dance, meditation, and yoga to her coaching practice.

Lydia focuses her coaching on helping people with anxiety and supporting people with their relationships. These two areas of life are usually deeply intertwined: our anxiety impacts our relationships, and our relationships may cause or bring out anxiety. As a mother and someone with life-long anxiety, she brings deep compassion and understanding to this work. Lydia is divorced and has practiced traditional monogamy, polyamory, open relating, celibacy, and other alternate relationship types. She has been cooperatively coparenting with her ex-husband for over 7 years, and continues to share living space with him as she splits her time between her home in the Santa Cruz Mountains and her partner’s home in Oakland. Lydia works remotely with her clients, who are located both locally and out of state.

In her coaching practice, Lydia works with individuals, as well as couples, co-parents, families, and partners to create understanding of the dynamics occurring in their lives, discover their real wants and needs, and learn skills they can use to make their lives and relationships more cooperative, healthy, and satisfying. Her approach is both nurturing and practical. Her goal is to help clients create more fulfilling, grounded lives by understanding what they can change and what they cannot change, and to engage resources to create the lives and relationships they want in achievable, life-affirming, and sustainable ways.