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Glenn Smith

phone: 530-478-0770

Glenn has a passion to help people get through their inner and outer judgment to see their true value, where they actually are, and the power they actually have to help themselves and help others.

“We all have the right to live fulfilling, meaningful and empowered lives, free of external and internal oppression.”

Glenn became involved in a predecessor to Skills For Change, Radical Therapy, in 1989 where he worked on communication skills in relationships and other issues in his freelance classical music career. With Julia Kelliher, his life partner and founder of Skills For Change Coaching, he attended Lomi School’s Lomi Somatic Education training in 1993. Together they trained in Radical Therapy in San Francisco from 1997 to 2001. Later, Glenn participated in two of Julia’s Skills For Change trainings as student and then student/assistant.

Since 1998, Glenn has led or co-led problem-solving groups and offers individual coaching sessions and conflict-resolution sessions for couples, friends and groups. Glenn has enjoyed a career as a professional musician since the 70’s and has maintained his bodywork practice, Solid Ground Bodywork, specializing in orthopedic massage since 1994. Glenn feels blessed to have the opportunity to work in these three mutually inspiring and very rewarding fields.