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Gemma Depolo

phone: 831-227-8118

Gemma’s personalized blend of somatic practices, mindfulness techniques, and compassionate listening provides her clients with guidance on their path of health and wellness. Aligned with a client-centered approach, Gemma helps people learn to hone their energy and personal power more effectively. Her multi-faceted approach is an evolving invitation to strive for and achieve empowered change in one’s life.

Gemma aims to co-create collaborative relationships with her clients to meet their unique needs. In working together, her clients gain the skills to improve relationships, bolster confidence, and identify one-hundred percent of what they want in mind, body, and spirit. With straightforward kindness, she helps combat the inner critic while nurturing the wise adult consciousness.

Her coaching and bodywork sessions provide the opportunity to build communication skills, replenish, and manage stress responses. When we work to navigate change with sophisticated techniques and practices, more peace, energy, and clarity becomes available to focus on actualizing dreams, and elevating our experiences.

After receiving her Bachelors in Psychology from UCSC, Gemma was inspired to train as a massage therapist and pursued a career as a bodyworker; she has been providing massage and wellness education since 2001. As a Skills for Change Coach, she offers integrated body and mind sessions that holistically transform the lives of her clients.

Gemma supports diverse client populations and frames her work to help fight internal and external systemic oppression. Passionate about social justice, environmental stewardship, equity, anti-racism, and the LGBTQIA+ community, Gemma endeavors to be an ally in service to marginalized populations.

Gemma identifies as a queer, Skills for Change Empowerment coach, wellness educator, mother, writer, Aikidoka, and life-long student. She is a certified massage therapist based in Santa Cruz, California for in person sessions, and available via zoom and phone calls for remote counseling sessions.