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Molly Fisk

phone: 530-265-8751

Molly helps people become more deeply and truly themselves. Whether it’s connecting with a creative dream, paring away layers of trauma history, or coping with life’s unexpected curve balls, Molly offers support for figuring out and implementing lasting and compassionate change.

Change is scary for many of us, yet it truly is, as the Buddhists say, the only constant. The better we get at facing it, the more we free up our minds and hearts for other things, like fun, love, and saving the world.

Molly works on the phone and in person: sitting, standing, walking, and sometimes swimming. She uses Skills for Change bodywork to help overcome creative limitations, especially writer’s block.

Molly has studied Skills for Change coaching and bodywork with Nancy Shanteau since 2010. Her coaching is grounded in 20 years of experience as a poet and writing teacher, 10 as a sweater designer, and all told, 35 as an entrepreneur. The poet’s tools of close observation and intuitive thinking stand her in good stead as a coach. Molly also has an undergraduate degree from Harvard University with honors and a Master’s in Business Administration from Simmons College Graduate School of Management with honors, both of which support the more pragmatic aspects of her coaching.

In addition, Molly’s the author of two collections of poetry: The More Difficult Beauty and Listening to Winter, and is nearly finished with a book for mid- to late-stage trauma survivors called Healing Abuse: How to Create Your Own Sweet, Messy, Authentic Life.