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David Stockhausen

phone: 415-602-2696
websites: &

David Stockhausen is here to nurture and nourish his clients, body, mind, and soul. Born out of a need to heal himself and the culture he was born into, David’s journey as a cis white non-normative man has led him through a life of service, and learning. He identifies, above all else, as a student, an activist, an ally, a teacher, a mentor, a counselor, mediator and a coach with a passion to nourish human relationships with others, themselves, and with nature itself. David works with individuals, couples, groups, organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, and teachers who wish to shift mindset, build consciousness, and learn to forge more compassionate and cooperative relationships. He offers sessions over the phone, in person, and over Zoom and also likes to entertain creative and playful ways of engaging with clients in nature with an easy, affable, and gently reflective style. He mediates cooperative divorces and separations with an emphasis on healthy co-parenting. David also specializes in working with men who are looking to heal the epigenetic trauma of their lineage and create ways of reclaiming manhood based in the values compassion, wisdom, awareness, and love.

David graduated with honors from the University of Vermont with a B.S. in Human Development and Family Systems. He is a student of Nancy Shanteau and is a certified Skills for Change Coach, Mediator, and Bodyworker. He’s also currently a student of Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach gaining his certificate as a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. He’s studied and taught permaculture in California as a part of the SF Permaculture Guild and in Australia alongside Geoff & Nadia Lawton at Zaytuna Farm as a Certified Permaculture Instructor. He’s started and run several small business as a professional chef and farm-based food educator, teaching students how to grow and prepare healthy food and create more robust food systems through practical skills education. He still offers cooking instruction from time to time. Based in Santa Cruz, California, David is a dedicated surfer, songwriter, hiker, cook and hobbyist. David is currently focused on building his coaching practice, men’s groups, and pursuing a Masters Degree as a Licensed Professional Counselor.